The Skincode Heritage

Niclas Massalsky, the president of Skincode, is not only a clever and astute businessman, but he is also a Prince. The Massalsky family traces its royal roots back to Rurik, the first Russian Prince. Rurik’s great-grandson, Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev, who introduced Christianity to Russia in 988, had a descendant, Saint Michael Vsevolodovich, also known as the Prince of Chernigov and the Grand Duke of Kiev (born in 1246). He was the common ancestor of the Princely Houses of Mossalski, Gortchakov, Bariantinski, Obolensk, Dolgorouky, and Sherbatov. Saint Michael Vsevolodovich`s great grandson, Georges, married Gunduz Theodora, daughter of Grand Duke Sergei of Lithuania, and in 1390 received the Principality of Massalsk (where the family name comes from). The family received royal recognition in Lithuania in 1490. In 1493, after Ivan III annexed the principality of Massalsk to the Grand Duchy of Moscow, the princes emigrated to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The family later received royal recognition in Poland in 1775; and the family`s royal roots were inscribed in the 5th Part of the Russian Nobility Almanach by Decree in 1864. The sons and daughters of the family bear the name of Massalsky, with the qualification of Prince or Princess.

The idea for Skincode arose from the demand for an anti-aging range that was less expensive than what was currently on the market. To create something more affordable and different from what already existed, Niclas Massalsky spent time at a burns unit in a Swiss hospital where he learnt about CM-Glucan, a medical ingredient used to treat burn patients and babies with eczema. He then worked with dermatologists to find a way to make CM-Glucan the main ingredient in his products. While CM-Glucan is used in other skincare brands, Skincode assures a high enough concentration to make the product effective. CM-Glucan is the main ingredient in Skincode’s Essentials line which is also free of preservatives, artificial fragrances, animal derivatives and artificial colours. The key ingredient in the other line, Skincode Exclusive, is the Active Cellular Regenerating Complex, which was created by Skincode to fight against aging at the cellular level.